Co-Founder of Continuum – Trina Slade-Burks on the Art Fair’s Biggest Year Yet

Continuum WPB Arts Fair showcases all disciplines of art in a 10-day run of events from January 18-27, 2018.

In its 5th anniversary, the art fair favorite among locals will be held in CityPlace near downtown West Palm Beach (700 S Rosemary Ave. Ste. 112).

With just a week away, Founder & Curator Trina Slade-Burks was kind enough to squeeze in an interview with PalmBeachArtWeek. Read and find out what to expect at Continuum 2018.

What is Continuum?
Continuum WPB Arts is a pop up multi-media art fair in the City of WPB exhibiting regional South Florida artists. The mission is to collaborate different artistic disciplines while enhancing the community.

Who are the founders of Continuum?
Anthony Burks Sr., Trina Slade-Burks, & Craig McInnis

When did you start Continuum?
January 2014

Why did you decide to start Continuum?
Craig McInnis & Rolando Barrero started a listening session of artists who can collaborate with Art Palm Beach. They started a group in Palm Beach County called ‘Art Synergy.’ Because my company, ATB Fine Artists & Designers LLC, curates pop-up exhibitions, Craig asked us to create something in the Downtown West Palm Beach area near ArtPalmBeach.

What did you achieve with Continuum last year?
We developed a new relationship through CityPlace. We started the ‘Young Masters’ program which is a mentorship and scholarship/awards program for middle and high school students.

From the last 4 years of Continuum, what would you say is a highlight; what has stayed in your mind after 4 exhibitions?
The launching of the Mélange Fashion show in 2016. A collaborative of artists and designers working together, is the most memorable.

What can we expect this year at Continuum?
After 4 years of a great fundraiser hosting the Black Tie & Sneakers Gala, it was decided by the team to take a break from the popular theme and expand with a little mystery. Opening night will now be the Black Tie and Venetian Mask Fundraiser Gala. The event will benefit The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum a 501(c) 3 based out of Delray Beach. Artists will decorate masks for a at the silent auction during that evening.

What will be bigger/better about this year’s event?
The space is bigger & better. It is RH’s old space. 700 S Rosemary Ave. Ste. 112.

What would you say is the most popular part of Continuum?
People loved the Black Tie & Sneaker concept. But by far the live body painting is always a hit.

How would you describe the art scene in West Palm Beach?
It is finally thriving. We all still have work to do in the inclusiveness area, but it is progressing.

What are your goals for Continuum?
The goal for the fifth year is to help living artists in South Florida grow and acknowledge that they are masters and build their legacy for excellence. We have developed a 501(c)3 called the No More Starving Artists Foundation. The Organization will be taking over the event in 2019

With many art exhibits popping up around Art Palm Beach week, what sets Continuum apart?
We don’t provide just parties and art on white walls. We provide opportunity for art of all disciplines to be included in the process. We provide education not just for the artists or collector but for the community as well. And we also are more than a weekend. We run for 10 days!

What would you say are the challenges of running this event?
The Challenge is raising the capital and paying ourselves. If we do not sell art we don’t make money.

Are there benefits of being part of Continuum?
The benefit is building a legacy for artists in Palm Beach County.

For you as the organizer?
I acquire many outside opportunities because of being able to manage something of this scale.

And for someone else?
Many participants have gotten hired, contracts, appeared in international magazines. The programming showed that WPB A&E District could compete with other cities that have unique art concepts developed within their city.

Do you create art? I am a multidisciplinary artist. I am a published author and a mixed media artist.

Where can we see it? My books are on & We have a home studio, so you can see my work live there and on my FB page:

Do you teach? Yes, I have been in Art education for 29 years.

Where? I have been teaching with Center for Creative Education for almost 14 years, The Armory Art Center for almost 4 years, and Palm Beach Garden Parks And Rec Art program for 4 years.

Continuum 2018
Website: Continuum WPB Arts continuumwpb
Location: 700 S Rosemary Ave. Ste 112, West Palm Beach, FL
Dates: January 18-27, 2018