Artist Spotlight: Steve Brouse

Bear and the Bees Aesops Table by Steve Brouse
“Bear and the Bees” by Steve Brouse for Aesop’s Tables event in Downtown West Palm Beach.

Tell us about yourself and describe your work.
Color, clean organic shapes, and pattern appear to be the most identifiable in my style. Happy places and the ever-changing pose of a repeated character “Sonny” shares a presence in a lot of my paintings. Medium of choice is acrylics. I work on canvas and 3 dimensional items such as boxes, stools, tables, and chairs. I enjoy illustrating with pen and coloring with pencil at times. Computer programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are useful tools for some of my illustrating projects. I am an artist that has painted large murals for the public and various school settings. With being a public artist I will jump on most and all opportunity to make my art seen. I embrace the challenge of entering shows and submitting proposals for the Art Call agenda.

What is your style and preferred medium?
My style is happy and colorful. It has very clean line and design appeal. It has pattern and movement as well as dimension.

Talk about your creative process.
I usually start out with an idea that may morph into something different. There are times that I will not start the painting with a sketch. I use many layers of paint because opacity is a must. The paint builds itself up to a thick raised surface which gives the finished piece lots of texture. Besides canvas, I also paint furniture, decoratively. With furniture I may allow the shape and form of the piece to inspire me to create an image to fit within.

What project(s) are you working on now?
Right now, I am getting ready for Palm Beach Art Week where I will have new pieces hung in The Lot 23 Gallery, 550 Northwood Road, WPB, FL 33407 during January. I am also preparing new work for my upcoming solo show “Reaching Within” at Harold’s Coffee Lounge. It will strictly be new work with a new technique being loose and abstract opposed to my previous work of tight and defined. My show at Harold’s Coffee Lounge, 509 Northwood Road, WPB, FL 33407 will be during the month of February.

Are you working on a series? Tell us about it?
New pieces for the upcoming shows. By new I mean just that yet a different look. Experimental and out of the majority are becoming. Mediums are acrylic and oil paint.

What inspires you to create?
Challenge, seeking solace , music, and opportunity. I am constantly creating. If I’m not painting, I may be drawing, if I’m not doing that I may be designing a new lesson or art project for the children, tomorrow.

When/where can we see your art in January?
Lot 23 Gallery / South Florida Fairgrounds / The Mosaic Group /Harold’s Coffee Lounge

What are your plans for 2018?
Show at Harold’s Coffee Lounge. Teaching more after CADRE after school programs through The Center For Creative Education. To continue my involvement with Lot 23 Residency where I will provide more creative opportunity for our community of Northwood Village and beyond; not to mention working alongside some very talented and gifted visual artists, musicians, dancers and professional educators. In short…raising it up a notch! I also plan to enter more shows and take advantage of pretty much all public art opportunities within West Palm Beach and beyond.

What did you achieve in 2017?
Another awesome year at Lot 23 Residency. More great art lessons and projects with the residency and Center For Creative Education CADRE Summer Camps and after school program. Two Aesop’s Tables (City Of West Palm Beach Summer Of Paradise Public Art Call), 1st Place in Promotional Item for The Florida Festivals & Events Association for The SandiLand Coloring Book. Painted the Glow In The Dark Golf Course for Holiday In Paradise in Downtown West Palm Beach. Worked alongside some pretty great artists of The Lot 23 Residency through a pretty great organization, the Center For Creative Education.

Do you teach? Where?
I have been a CADRE Art Teacher with The Center For Creative Education for just over a decade where I travel to different schools in Palm Beach County, Grades K – 5. I also am an artist of The Lot 23 Residence Program of West Palm Beach, FL. I teach a free weekly art class at Harold’s Coffee Lounge which I have called “Family Art & Fun” for the community. Another class I teach through the Lot 23 Residency Program is “3D Art & Furniture Painting.” I also offer private art lessons.

As an artist what is your most essential tool? Why?
The Paint Brush to make my mark. Music to motivate. Visuals (Digital and Books) to inspire.

Can you recommend a spot for art-goers? Where to go to grab a bite to eat or where to hang out after visiting the art fairs?
Harold’s Coffee Lounge / Malakor Thai Restaurant / Souvlaki Grille / Sub Hub Green Market

Anything you’d like to add?
Artists and Art Movements that have come to inspire me > Pop Art’s Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Basquiat. Cubism’s Picasso, Braque. Surrealism… I love primitive art and hieroglyphics. I sometimes refer my art to my own label ..”Primitive Pop”

Studio: Lot 23 Gallery / Northwood Village / WPB
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