The Lake Park Arts District

A budding art disctrict with a rich history located on the 700 block of Park Avenue in Lake Park, FL.

Back Alley Mural Project

Behind Kelsey Theatre and Brewhouse Gallery is a long-running mural, painted in 3 phases. The wall art credit goes to a dozen local artists. Pictured below is only a third of the mural – phase one.

More Art in Lake Park

The Brewhouse Gallery

Part gallery, part craft beer oasis The Brewhouse Gallery is a lively place. Enjoy walls filled with art by many artists, live music, and frequent events! Their mission is “to build a community by supporting local artists and brands. Therefore, encouraging the celebration of creativity and collaboration.”
720 Park Ave (5.08 mi)
Lake Park, Florida 33403

The Kelsey Theatre

“Experience the finest in independent cinema, music, comedy and various other performing arts” at The Kelsey Theatre, next door to The Brewhouse Gallery on Lake Park Ave.

Easel Art Supply Palm Beach

Local 810 Park Ave
Lake Park, Florida

Classes at Easel Art during ArtWeek

JAN 25
Sunset Landscapes & Rocks Waterfalls & Forests
Thu 9:30 AM

JAN 26
A Garden on Watercolor Canvas & A Painting that Paints Itself
Fri 9:30 AM

JAN 27
Plein Air Painting Secrets & Magic of Leaving White Paper
Sat 9:30 AM