Lot23 Announces Tribal Tech Performance during ArtWeek Exhibition

Tribal Tech “questions the future of the digital era, the accessibility of digital information, and the effects of taking that away.”

Lot 23 announces their showing of Tribal Tech during their ArtWeek Exhibition. The live performance art piece will take place Friday, January 26, 2018 from 6:00 to 9:00pm at Lot 23 Studio, 550 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, FL.

A collaboration between Lot 23 artists, Tribal Tech features body painting, interpretive dance, and live music for a unique art experience.

Professional dancers, Cassandra Francois and Amy Hamel, will be body painted live from the waist up. During intervals of interpretive dance, the performers will embody the painted strokes on their face and torso. Becoming their own characters (tribal and tech), both will improvise solos and interactions with each other.

“The body paintings will share a visual theme of geometric shapes while distinct in their influences from futuristic and tribal imagery,” describes body painter Mayling Pao. She will be painting Francois, while fellow artist Renata Rodrigues body paints Hamel.

Musicians will add to the narrative of the performance as they, in turn, interpret the body art and movements of the “dancing canvases.” Local musicians, Craig McInnis and Erick Adrian Marquez will be playing guitar and drum set respectively.

The piece questions the future of the digital era, the accessibility of digital information, and the effects of taking that away. “Parallel to that concept, Tribal Tech touches on the duality between the lure of tech that pulls us away from nature, and the simultaneous tug that calls us back,” explains Marquez.

The performance is a triptych of 3 consecutive 45-minute segments.
Each segment begins with live body painting and concludes with a short improvised dance performance. Each consecutive segment is a continuation of the previous.

Lot 23’s ArtWeek event will coincide with Northwood Village‘s ArtNight Out held monthly on every last Friday. Musicians and art vendors will be set up along Northwood Road, while shops and restaurants will be open late.

January 26, 2018
6:00 – 9:00pm

Lot23 Studio & Gallery
550 Northwood Road
West Palm Beach, FL

Event page: facebook.com/events/737133106482847/
Facebook: facebook.com/WPBlot23/
Website: https://cceflorida.org/lot-23/